Proud winner of Professional Speaking Association Speaker Factor Competition 2013

Born in the 1953 and diagnosed with Spina Bifida at the age of two, I've had restricted mobility and been a wheelchair user for many years. It's fair to say, this has dealt me a challenging set of cards to play with over the years.

However, it's provided me with a lifetime of experience to share with audiences, whether in a keynote speech or training workshops to give you the motivation to learn from my approach to believe you can be successful in your life.

Playing The Cards You're Dealt

...with a belief you can succeed will give you the motivation to:

Be Whoever You Want To Be

Go Wherever You Want To Go

Do Whatever You Want To Do

... no matter how challenging those cards may be!

Living with a Disability is No Barrier to a Successful & Happy Life

I inspire!

From a young age a positive, “can do” attitude was inspired in me by my parents and the rest of my family. As I grew up, and through my adult life, I’ve encountered and been motivated by many other inspiring individuals who have encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone to experience and achieve new things.

I use my life experiences to inspire audiences to think positively about life’s challenges, even when life appears to deal us a poor hand of cards.

My keynote speech and personal development training workshop is called

“Playing The Cards You’re Dealt”.

 Invite me to share my story and approach with your organisation, to help you and your colleagues become more positive and successful with the cards you’re dealt. Contact me today for more information.


I educate!

Dealing with disability can be a struggle for many of us. Whether the disability is personal, with friends or family members, in an education setting, at work, or in social situations, it can seem difficult to adapt and adjust.

My training programme, “Appreciating Life with a Physical Disability“, fits both the School PHSE Curriculum, and the needs of organisations of all sizes. It aims to help students and professionals of all ages to understand the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities, and to identify what they can do to encourage greater independence and quality of life.

To book me to speak at your school or business, contact me today!